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    Những câu nói thông thường

    A few simple phrases for greeting people in English.


    1. Hi.
    2. Good morning.
    Good afternoon.
    Good evening.
    3. How are you?
    How are you doing?
    How ya doing? (Informal)
    4. Fine. How about you? 5. Okay. Thanks.

    some phrases for introducing yourself in English.

    1. I'm John.

    • I'm Jackie. (Use first name in informal situations)

    2. I'm John Kennedy.

    • I'm Jackie O'Neill. (Use full name in business and formal situations)

    3. (It's) nice to meet you.

    • (It's) nice meeting you. (It's) good to meet you.
    4. Nice to meet you too.

    some phrases for introducing other people in English.

    1. This is my friend, Jack. Hi Jack. I'm Linda

    my brother, Bob.

    my sister, Cindy.
    my father, Mr. Harris.
    my mother, Mrs. Harris.
    my teacher, Ms. Watson.
    my student, Carrie.
    my friend, Mary Jones.
    my boss, Mr. Ritter.
    my co-worker, Penny Pitcher.
    2. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too.

    some phrases and sample sentences identifying people and things.


    1. This is Minnie Rivers.
    That is Mr. Lewis.
    2. Minnie is a writer.
    Mr. Lewis is a barber.
    Gail is an artist.
    He is a photographer.
    She is a secretary.
    He's a dentist.
    She's a doctor.
    3. I am a computer programmer.
    I'm a businessman.
    I'm a businesswoman.
    I'm not a mechanic.
    4. We are writers.
    They are engineers.
    You are a student.
    You are students.
    5. This is an apple.
    This is a banana.
    That is an orange.
    That is not a tomato.
    It is a telephone.
    It's a horse.
    It's not an airplane.

    some sample phrases and sentences for asking information in English.

    1. What is this?
    2. What is that?
    3. What's this?
    4. What's that?
    5. What are these?
    6. What are those?
    7. Where is Mr. King?
    8. Where is Ms. Knight?
    9. Where's Johnny?
    10. When's the movie?
    11. When's lunch? 12. How is the food?

    This is a table.
    That is a chair.
    It's a pen.
    It's an apple.
    These are pencils.
    Those are books.
    He is over there.
    She's (right) here.
    He's in the house.
    It's at 9:00. Lunch is at noon. It's delicious.

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    Qua bài thực tập những câu đàm thoại hằng ngày và bài viết trước nó (intonation & stress)
    tkv hy vọng rằng các bạn đã nắm được phần nào về cách ấn giọng và nhấn chử

    phần sao chúng ta sẽ bước qua 1 giai đoạn khác hơi khó hơn tuy nhiên nếu các bạn đã nắm vững những phần căn bản của 10 post trước thì phần nầy sẽ không khó đối với bạn


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